Conduct comprehensive measurement programs with Sonoma Technology, an industry leader in outdoor air monitoring.

Sonoma Technology performs air quality and meteorological monitoring campaigns for routine programs and research studies. Our scientists and field staff have decades of experience designing, implementing, and managing measurement programs. We maintain a wide variety of monitoring instruments for deployment.

Ryan C. Moffet

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Ryan C. Moffet
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Department Manager, Advanced Air Measurements

Air Quality Monitoring

Measure pollutants of concern using the latest air quality monitoring technology and data systems with support from our experienced field technicians and scientists.

Routine Network Operations

Count on Sonoma Technology’s field staff and data management systems to effectively run and maintain your network, saving time and resources.

Research Studies

Address your scientific questions about air quality emissions, processes, and characteristics with Sonoma Technology’s efficient and comprehensive monitoring programs.

Instrument Audit/Calibration

Maintain high data recovery rates and data quality. Sonoma Technology’s field staff audit and calibrate air quality equipment to quality assure measurements.

Meteorological Monitoring

Gather higher-resolution data to characterize and predict atmospheric conditions to support meteorological forecasting for air quality, renewable energy, transportation, and emergency response applications.

Surface and Upper-Air Measurements

Characterize atmospheric processes that influence the transport and dispersion of air pollutants to enhance meteorological forecast models and make real-time decisions that depend on meteorological conditions.

Process Studies

Conduct meteorological measurements to improve the understanding of the physical and chemical processes that influence air quality conditions.


Leverage Sonoma Technology's expertise with meteorological instruments. We use ceilometers, radar wind profilers, sodars, microwave radiometers, and other state-of-the-science equipment to capture and characterize meteorological conditions.

Permit Monitoring

Meet permitting requirements and support permitting applications using meteorological monitoring.

Instrument Audit/Calibration

Ensure high-quality data and high data recovery rates with meteorological instruments that are routinely and professionally audited and calibrated.


Maximize renewable energy technologies and reduce uncertainty in power generation by collecting meteorological measurements to improve the accuracy of wind and solar forecasts.

Network Design and Assessments

Design and optimize your monitoring network to support air quality modeling and address study needs, permitting requirements, and source-receptor relationships.

Network Optimization Studies

Optimize your network for better performance, more efficient site management, and lower costs.

Network Design

Design a monitoring network that gathers higher-resolution data and meet research and regulatory objectives in a cost effective manner.

Instrument Evaluations

Assess new technology to design comprehensive monitoring programs that meet your scientific goals.

Instrument Leases and Sales

Meet your monitoring needs with state-of-the-science equipment. Sonoma Technology maintains a large inventory of meteorological and air quality equipment for resale and short- and long-term leases, which can save money over new equipment purchases. Types of equipment include

  • Gaseous instruments
  • Particulate instruments (PM2.5, PM10)
  • Low-cost sensors
  • Surface meteorological instruments
  • Upper-air meteorological instruments such as ceilometers, radar wind profilers, sodars, and microwave radiometers

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