Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Leverage Sonoma Technology's scientific knowledge and wide-ranging litigation support experience.

Sonoma Technology has worked with attorneys from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), state DOJs, and private law firms for more than two decades. Our experience working with government agencies gives our private-sector clients a high level of trust in our analyses and allows us to help them understand and navigate the regulatory environment.

Lyle R. Chinkin

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Lyle R. Chinkin
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Chief Scientist / Chief Executive Officer

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Strengthen your legal case or compliance negotiation with Sonoma Technology's expert knowledge and understanding of the industry.

We provide support for

  • Negotiations
  • Depositions
  • Public hearings
  • Nation-to-nation consultation

Litigation Support

We help clients solve litigation issues before they reach the courtroom.

Expert Testimony and Reports

When you need support for your environmental litigation, turn to the proven and trusted environmental experts. Our scientists have a comprehensive understanding of scientific issues and the ability to communicate technical information in a credible and understandable way to general audiences. We have prepared high-quality expert reports and demonstrations for numerous legal cases.

Technical Consulting

Use Sonoma Technology's extensive technical expertise, objectivity, and attention to detail to support your litigation issues. Our litigation experience covers a wide variety of environmental issues, including

  • Oil and gas operations
  • Mobile source emissions
  • Fugitive dust from open material piles
  • Individual stationary sources
  • Wildland fire characterization

Measurement Studies

Design and conduct smarter measurement studies to collect air quality and meteorological data that is useful for research, regulatory assessments, and public outreach.

Emissions Assessments

Perform detailed emissions assessments to quantify amounts of air pollution emitted by various sources and evaluate control programs.

Data Analysis

Evaluate real-world air quality impacts using our proven statistical methods and customized software tools.

Modeling Simulations

Assess the potential near-field or regional impacts of single sources or groups of sources with detailed air quality and meteorological modeling simulations.

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