Better understand how to address climate adaptation and mitigation challenges.

Sonoma Technology helps clients collect and evaluate data, build case studies, and develop tools and decision support systems to address climate change.

Douglas S. Eisinger

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Douglas S. Eisinger
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Senior Vice President / Chief Scientist, Transportation Policy & Planning

Greenhouse Gas Measurements and Emissions

Rely on Sonoma Technology’s expertise to design comprehensive greenhouse gas field studies and evaluate and prepare GHG emissions inventories.

Greenhouse Gas Measurements

Collect, analyze, and communicate to the public about real-world GHG concentrations.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Model past, current, and forecast GHG emissions from area, stationary, natural, and mobile sources.

Adaptation Support and Fire Science

Protect your communities from climate change. Sonoma Technology helps our clients adapt and respond to the changing environment and make effective risk-management decisions.

Fire Modeling

Plan for potential wildfires and mitigate their impacts using high-resolution vegetation maps to better characterize fuels and improve hazard assessment planning.

Smoke Modeling and Forecasting

Use modeling to facilitate prescribed burn planning, meet regulatory requirements, and mitigate smoke impacts on the public.

Mapping and GIS Support

Visualize high-risk areas. Sonoma Technology’s modeling experts work with clients to prioritize and focus adaptation efforts using state-of-the-science mapping tools and datasets.


Leverage traditional air quality control programs to gain climate change co-benefits. Sonoma Technology helps clients identify and evaluate control measures to achieve multiple public health and environmental objectives.

Co-Benefit Evaluation

Use federally approved emissions and air quality models to evaluate public health co-benefits from GHG control programs.

Smart-Growth Implementation Studies

Evaluate and encourage smart growth and transit-oriented development (TOD) while minimizing exposure to traditional air pollutants.

Software and Decision Support Systems Development

Effectively manage your fire and fuels data with a customized software solution. Sonoma Technology develops, manages, and enhances software tools, decision support systems, and applications that are customized to meet the scientific goals of each project.

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