Air Quality

Air Quality

Access methods, tools, and expertise to understand local and global air quality.

For over 40 years, Sonoma Technology has helped government and industrial clients define study objectives and design, perform, and manage air quality studies to meet their research and regulatory needs.

Hilary R. Hafner

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Hilary R. Hafner
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Chief Operating Officer

Air Quality Measurements

Rely on Sonoma Technology’s extensive experience designing, managing, and implementing measurement programs.

Air Quality Measurements

Facilitate installation, audits, maintenance, and data management and validation for your instrument network.

Air Quality and Meteorological Measurements

Design and implement monitoring networks to support air quality modeling and address potential health impacts, permit requirements, environmental justice concerns, and source-receptor relationships.

Monitoring Support and Design

Fully understand your local air quality with data validated in real time from well-maintained instruments. Optimize your network for better performance, more efficient site management, and lower costs.

Air Quality Data Analysis

Develop a greater understanding of the real-world air quality impacts of your projects. Sonoma Technology has extensive experience working with clients to determine project objectives and performing detailed analyses to meet these objectives. We assess air quality at national, regional, and local levels, including in Environmental Justice communities.

Data Validation and Analysis

Understand the implications of your data using our proven data analysis techniques and in-house, customized tools. Sonoma Technology uses state-of-the-science analysis, statistical, and visualization platforms to assess and communicate ambient air quality data.

Compliance and Data Analysis Support

Solve your compliance and data analysis issues; our proven track record with both industrial clients and regulatory agencies allows us to help clients better understand and navigate the regulatory environment.

Source Apportionment

Reliably assess your source impacts; Sonoma Technology scientists are leading experts in source apportionment, receptor modeling analysis, and modeling tool development. Sonoma Technology develops comprehensive pre- and post-apportionment analysis using the latest statistical applications and models.


Develop your data analysis skills through customized training courses that fit your needs and knowledge levels. Training topics span all Sonoma Technology business areas and leverage our expertise across multiple disciplines.

eSIMS Electronic Logbook

Schedule, log, and track your monitoring network information in one place with eSIMS, the electronic logbook for modern air quality monitoring. eSIMS provides secure, redundant access to your information from anywhere, on any device. Visit

Modern Air Quality Monitoring

Optimize your network to gather meaningful data in a cost-effective manner.

Connect Your Network

Ensure consistency across your air quality monitoring network: manage sites and equipment, document instrument activities and specifications, and quickly access your information from anywhere.

Resolve Issues Quickly

Reduce costly downtime; eSIMS provides instant alerts when a site needs attention, so you can diagnose and resolve problems immediately without multiple site visits.

Kids Making Sense Education Outreach

Kids Making Sense® is an exciting environmental education program that teaches students about air quality and how to measure air pollution using hand-held sensors and mobile phones, empowering them to drive for positive change in their communities. Visit

Empowering Youth

Students participate in hands-on science tasks, discuss their findings with an air quality scientist, and share their data with the global air quality community.

They can even use their data to identify local sources of air pollution and take actions to be part of the solution.

Well-Crafted Curriculum

Developed by air quality scientists and educators, and thoroughly tested with teachers and students around the world, Kids Making Sense unites STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) with an air sensing system.

Grow Local Awareness and Support

Educate youth about air pollution at a time when they are forming their driving and consumption behaviors.

Increase awareness of your air quality mission among residents who follow science, education, environmental, and public health news. We have conducted Kids Making Sense events across the country, including in schools located in Environmental Justice communities.

Air Quality Instrumentation

Select the right instruments to meet your monitoring site needs; from industrial-grade meteorological and air quality instruments to personal handheld air sensors, Sonoma Technology will help you select and manage the equipment throughout your project.

Instruments and Low-Cost Sensors

Learn about air quality events earlier, gather higher-resolution data over a region, and have the flexibility to easily move monitors between locations.

Monitoring Support and Design

Fully understand your local air quality with data that’s validated in real time from well-maintained instruments. Optimize your network for better performance, more efficient site management, and lower costs.

Instrument Leases

Save money by leasing air quality instruments, including gas analyzers, particle instruments, and low-cost sensors. Sonoma Technology's sensor experts will help you through every step of your project.

Air Quality Forecasting

Inform the public about air quality with customized forecasts. We generate air quality forecasts up to six days in advance for regions throughout the country, and provide accurate forecasts for government and industry clients to inform the public, stakeholders, and decision makers of air quality impacts.

Emissions Assessment and Air Quality Modeling

Use Sonoma Technology’s expertise to design comprehensive air quality and exposure studies and evaluate emission control strategies. We develop highly resolved emissions inventories for criteria pollutants, greenhouse gases, and air toxics for use in modeling and management planning. We use air quality and meteorological modeling to inform forecasting, assess emissions source impacts, and support control measure assessments and other air quality management decisions.

Emissions Inventory Development

Have confidence in your emissions estimates. Sonoma Technology prepares high-quality emissions inventories and improves existing emissions assessments by collecting emission factors and representative activity data for a variety of source types.

Emissions Modeling

Prepare emissions data for air quality modeling or other analyses using the latest modeling tools, including MOVES, EMFAC, BEIS, and SMOKE.

Photochemical Modeling

Rely on our expertise to perform meteorological, emissions, and photochemical modeling to understand air quality impacts on regional and national scales. Using EPA-approved models, we work with clients to evaluate air quality for single-source impact assessments, SIP development, exceptional event demonstrations, and policy analyses.

Air Dispersion Modeling

Evaluate the near-field air quality impacts from stationary sources and transportation projects. We use a variety of dispersion models to help our clients perform human health assessments, conduct PM hot-spot analyses, and evaluate air quality in Environmental Justice communities.

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Leverage our technical expertise to solve your compliance issues. Sonoma Technology has worked successfully with both industrial clients and regulatory agencies for over two decades; our proven track record engenders a high level of trust in our analyses and allows us to help clients better understand and negotiate the regulatory environment.

Exceptional Event Demonstrations

Use our tools and experience to prepare PM and ozone exceptional event demonstrations that meet EPA requirements.

Litigation Support

Resolve your issues with our technical analysis and expert testimony support for environmental litigation cases.

Software Development

Make more informed management decisions using customized software to better understand and reduce air quality impacts. Sonoma Technology develops, manages, and enhances software tools, decision support systems, and applications that are customized to meet our clients' scientific goals.

Air Quality Websites

Engage and inform the public with informative, vivid websites and graphics using a custom content management system.

Data Support Systems

Use decision support software to facilitate air quality management planning.

Mobile App Development

Reach a larger audience with environmental information anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Public Outreach

Engage with the public to better communicate your environmental information with tailored outreach services, websites, and apps.

Websites, Apps, and Widgets

Reach a larger audience with environmental information anywhere, at any time, on any device. Communicating real-time air quality health information is key to effectively engaging the public; Sonoma Technology helps clients provide visually compelling, clear, and concise websites, apps, and widgets to dramatically increase public awareness.

Graphic Design

Reach your community with strategic visual design products that engage, inform, and inspire. Sonoma Technology collaborates with clients to meet scientific and public outreach needs by bringing clarity and context to your information.

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