Clinton P. MacDonald

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President / Chief Scientist
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Clinton, who has enjoyed working at Sonoma Technology since 1996, serves as our President. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, as Chief Scientist he coordinates and leads complex field studies using highly sophisticated instrumentation to characterize meteorological and chemical properties and processes in challenging environments. His expertise and experience ranges from instrumentation to data validation and data analyses. In addition to publishing his research results in numerous meteorological and air quality journals, Clinton co-authored the U.S. EPA’s guidance document regarding the development of an air quality forecasting program as well as many formal reports on air quality transport and dispersion.
Clinton serves on the Application Advisory Group for Sonoma Technology’s participation in the CRADA to commercialize the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s boundary layer RWP technology. He earned BS and MS degrees in Atmospheric Science from the University of California at Davis.
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Clinton P. MacDonald
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Clinton P. MacDonald
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