The Southern California Air Basin is in non-attainment for ozone. Therefore, EPA requires the South Coast Air Quality Management District to run Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS), which are designed to characterize the nature and extent of the ozone problem. Major components of the PAMS network in the Southern California Air Basin are its upper-air meteorological stations equipped with sodars, radar wind profilers, a microwave radiometer, and surface meteorological instruments.
STI provides the following support services for the upper-air network:
  • Routine site visits to maintain the radar wind profilers, sodars, microwave radiometer, and surface meteorological instruments
  • Repairs and upgrades of instrument hardware and software
  • Real-time web displays to remotely monitor the instruments
  • Annual data summaries and data quality control
  • Data analysis to help characterize the meteorological processes that influence air quality in the basin
  • Installation and relocation of instruments as needed