EnviroFlash is an email alert program sponsored by the U.S. EPA with the participation of state and local air quality agencies. EnviroFlash distributes personalized air quality forecasts and real-time alerts to the public.
STI redesigned, enhanced, and initiated operation of the EnviroFlash system to address performance and stability issues and configured the system for remote operation at a collocation facility, which provided increased bandwidth, redundancy, and scalability. STI redesigned and transferred operation of the EnviroFlash email notification system to the AirNow Data Management Center at STI in April 2008. STI continues to operate the EnviroFlash system (hardware and software), assist agencies with enrollment in the system, and respond to stakeholder help requests. In addition, STI responds to EPA and stakeholder requests for additional enhancements including increased stakeholder agency control of email text configuration, manual email triggering, website changes, and a super-user dashboard for system monitoring.
EnviroFlash benefits stakeholders by
  • Providing personalized, real-time air quality alerts and updates to the public.
  • Alerting sensitive populations (i.e., children, people with asthma, and the elderly) to air quality forecasts.
  • Providing decision-support services so that people can make informed activity choices on days when air quality is poor.