To help the People's Republic of China improve its air quality, STI coauthored a new report—Air Quality Management Planning Framework—that highlights the technologies and the best practices used by the United States to improve air quality.
The report analyzed air quality conditions in three cities in the Jiangsu Province that have been heavily impacted by pollution. Increased emissions from industrial sources and coal plants, combined with Jiangsu’s natural geography and its tendency to limit pollutant dispersion, have contributed to a sharp rise in poor air quality in the province. The report provided a range of recommendations to help the Ministry of Environmental Protection with air quality planning efforts to protect both Jiangsu Province and China on a national level.
STI coauthored the report, documented sources of air pollution around the Jiangsu Province, provided in-person training on air quality modeling and the use of the AirNow-International program, and developed regional planning and control options.